We love the planning and realization of unique and personalized weddings, that’s why we work hand in hand with the bride and groom,always with new and fresh ideas  looking for your wedding to be your best memory and for your guests as well.

Our experience in conducting events lead us to understand that qualified suppliers are ideal for the best development of it, we know that the most important thing is to exceed the expectations of the bride and groom and their guests.

Why hire a D’Lux Wedding Planner? We have a certification endorsed by two international institutions that support us to make the wedding of your dreams. Each couple inspires us to make this a reality and to make every detail wonderful! The world of weddings is becoming more complex and every day there are new trends that of course our Wedding Planner will know how to advise you and get more out of your budget.

We make unique weddings with love and passion !!

Our Inspiration

We are known for making unique weddings, designed according to your taste and needs.

We work in the beautiful beaches of Guanacaste or in the Central Valley  depending on the preference of the couple.

Costa Rica is a country privileged by its natural settings and its diversity of ecosystems, that is why we inspire couples to put their own personal touch in their weddings.We LOVE that each event is unique and that  reflects the love of two people who come together.

The LOVE of two people is our inspiration.  Always willing to offer our best on your wedding day, because this unique and magical moment will be in your memory forever.


For the D’Lux team your queries and comments are very important, send us a message and we will be in touch soon.